Consistent. Fresh. Quality.

Pecans can be used in so many applications, so we understand that consistency in the products shape, color, and texture is important to staying within the specs the applications calls for. 

We vacuum pack all our bulk nuts to ensure the product holds the same freshness from the day it was packed to the day you open the box.


Pack Options:

Box Spec: 30 pound box 13.61 kg

Pallet Spec: 60 units / 1,800 pounds 816.5 kg

Product Specs:

If you need more information on our wholesale pecans please contact our sales team. 

Extra Mammoth Halves
Under 200 count per pound
440 under per kg
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Mammoth Halves
200-250 count per pound
440-550 kg
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Junior Mammoth Halves
251-300 count per pound
551-660 per kg
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Jumbo Halves
301-350 count per pound
661-770 per kg
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Chipped Halves
15-30% corner chipped
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Extra Large Pieces
Pass through 9/16 screen
Ride over 1/2 screen
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Large Pieces
Pass through 1/2 screens
Ride over 7/16 screen
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Medium Pieces
Pass through 3/8 Screen
Ride over 5/16 screen
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Small Pieces
Pass through 1/4 Screen
Ride over 3/16 screen
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Extra Small Pieces
Pass through 3/16 Screen
Ride over 1/8 screen
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Pecan Meal
Pass through 1/8
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Grow For Us

We aim to maintain an integrity-filled relationship with our farmers. After all, they’re responsible for the production of our favorite crop: pecans.